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Terms & Conditions of entry

You read that right. Ambitionz is giving away 25k!!!


We know some people might say we’ve gone mad, but this is what we do at Ambitionz


And we’re not talking about bonuses or promos here, we’re talking about CASH.


What would you do with 25k? Imagine that...


Well, if you want a chance to refill your bank account, keep reading.


It’s simple, really.


All you have to do is  join or renew your AMBITIONZ membership, and you could WIN!


There are 3 draws with your chance to win:


$2500 in November 

$2500 in December 

$20,000 at the end of February

(This is for all new members and existing members who extend the membership by 12months.)


So what do you say?



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