24 HOUR GYM ACCESS in Rockhamton AND Emu Park

BREAKING NEWS - 2014 Emu Park 12 Week Challenge

See our Easter Break Classes and Staffed Hours for Rockhampton and Emu Park. Most of the team is having a break over the Easter Holidays but the great thing about being a 24hr gym is that our members always have access! (Not a member but still want 24hr access? Call us on 49214033 to find out how?)

Come along for a morning of Group Fitness Fun with our SUPERLAUNCH Saturday 5th April (8am- 11am)!!!

AmbitionZ Emu Park requires adult supervision for any child under 13 years using the Pool facilities. We appreciate that this may not have been enforced/required in past but we feel this should be common sense and mandatory for the safety of your children. Any Children discovered without adequate supervision will be asked to leave pool area.

For any enquiries and/or casual visits, please press DOORBELL during reception hours 8am-7:30pm mon- fri,  8am-12pm Sat, 9am-12pm Sun or contact -Rockhampton on 49214033 email info.rockhampton@ambitionz.net.au or Emu Park on 49388763 or info.emu@ambitionz.net.au prior to your visit.

Note: 24 Hour Swipe access IS available for prepaid Casual Visits.

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Amazing results start when you do ! Get that little extra with PERSONAL TRAINING…OR…Ask our friendly team for details regarding our CHALLENGES.

LOVE Group Fitness? See our Rockhampton April Timetable or  Emu Park April Timetable here for the BEST range of classes in Rocky and a growing timetable in Emu Park. “Your mission if you choose to accept it” is to try them all! Please check with staff for any last minute changes.

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Click here to see our 24 Hour Access (swipe card) TERMS & CONDITIONS

If you have any feedback (good or bad) or recommendations, please go to the ‘CONTACT’ page and email management via the ‘FEEDBACK’ link.


Thinking about a Fitness Program?

If you’re just getting started in fitness or maintaining an already fit and healthy lifestyle, Ambitionz Heath & Fitness is for you! We are a locally owned and operated club offering fun and affordable training - all ages, shapes and sizes.
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