AmbitionZ 9 year birthday m’ship SPECIAL, just $14.50/wk. See online store for more details :)

EVENTS- What’s up at Ambitionz!

Winter 8 Week Challenge coming in July. Keep the fitness up over the colder months and keep or create that summer body! …. more details soon.

2015 Rocky River Run, 24th May. Yep, we’re putting together a team, register at reception 

2015 Relay for Life, 16th May – Register at reception to join the TEAM

Love Your Body – 6 WEEK CHALLENGE- Just finished, results coming soon.

MEAL PLANNER – Info night 21st April. To help our members see results quicker we have just brought onboard our very own Meal Planner. We’re kicking off our new feature with a $1 per week Introductory Offer. BACK UP ALL YOUR HARD WORK IN THE GYM WITH GOOD NUTRITION!

 Group Classes


Not sure on what type of workout the class is? Click here to see Class Descriptions        


ASN SEMINAR - Wednesday 4th March. Get inspired and gain knowledge on topics including Nutrition, Supplementation & Motivation.

BODYPUMP TRIANING- Ambitionz hosted the famous Les Mills Training recently (normally held in major cities). Congratulation to the 4 ladies from Ambitionz that passed their Bodypump Training.

SUPERLAUNCH- Saturday 17th JAN – Every few months we have a half day of fitness fun with a half hour of each of our Group Fitness Classes back to back. Thankyou to everyone who attended!

MOVEMBER FUNDRAISER- Should Clint SHAVE or COLOUR his mo? Have your say! WED 3rd DEC 5:30pm @ Ambitionz Rockhampton. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS & PICS

DECEMBER CHALLENGE – How long can you hold a Wall Sit? Prize for the longest Plank! Give it a go!!!! Click here to view a WALL SIT


21 day GRIT Challenge

Obstacles Gone Mad- So much fun! When’s the next one?

Group Fitness Superlaunch

Movember -Thankyou to everyone who supported Movember withing the gym. There were some good Mo’s there guys!

 “6 WEEKS ‘TIL Summer” CHALLENGE - A big Congratulations to our winners and a well done to all of our participants for all your hard work.

Personal Training

Click here for details on PT options! SEE RESULTS SOONER!

Need that little push? Book in now with one of our trainers now to get you to where you want to be. See our T&C’s


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Thinking about a Fitness Program?

If you’re just getting started in fitness or maintaining an already fit and healthy lifestyle, Ambitionz Heath & Fitness is for you! We are a locally owned and operated club offering fun and affordable training - all ages, shapes and sizes.
  • We offer a mixed (uni-sex) training area, but if it’s a dedicated ladies only area you want – WE’VE GOT IT!
  • Fantastic range of fun group fitness classes – WE’VE GOT IT!
  • Someone to mind the little ones – WE’VE GOT IT!
  • Need that extra little push? WE’VE GOT PERSONAL TRAINING TOO!
  • Did you realise that you can get started for as little as $10.95 per week?
Most of all we offer a spacious, positive and non threatening club environment where staff actively guide members on their health and fitness journey, helping them achieve their fitness goals. We don’t like to preach, but we do like to present the facts. Here are some basics that might help you decide if a regular fitness program is something for you: Did you know - Individuals who exercise regularly are more likely to;
  • Maintain a healthy body shape and weight.
  • Maintain energy levels and cardio fitness.
  • Effectively control the pain and joint swelling that accompanies arthritis.
  • Maintain lean muscle, which is often lost with increasing age.
  • Have higher levels of self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Less likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and the list goes on.
  • Experience reduced stress, relaxation, overall well-being and good health.

Are you ready to take your first step towards a healthier lifestyle with Ambitionz yet?